Our Story

Christine-Marquis-ADK-Bloody-Mary-TonicI made ADK Bloody Mary Tonic to match the lifestyle of people who live and visit the Adirondacks. We are a hardy bunch who live life to its fullest and seek to experience life through all of our senses.

ADK Bloody Mary Tonic starts with a recipe of vegetables, fruits, spices, and secret ingredients that are hand blended to create an elixir that invigorates the senses and adds enjoyment to its users.  My tonic has a paradoxical taste that is strong, full-bodied, round and balanced releasing subtle heat and flavor from start to finish. Yet it is uniquely fresh. This drink will stand up to your multiple drinking occasions in a manner that you would expect only from such a high quality and premium blend.

Trails End Tavern, Tupper Lake, NYFriends tell me they best like my ADK Bloody Mary Tonic to mix with their favorite vodka.  My tonic promises to deliver a “stand up and take notice” Bloody Mary that provides  a mid-mouth snap and lingering after taste that is savory and delicious.

This unique recipe is high quality and tasted the same drink after drink because:


  • We choose only the finest ingredients.  The recipe and secret blending were crafted and owned by Adirondackers catering to fellow Adirondackers.
  • The cooking, blending, packaging and labeling takes place in a state of the art FDA approved micro location to deliver consistent quality.

Our choice of ingredients, packaging and blending make ADK Bloody Mary Tonic a bit more expensive than substitutes. I hope you agree with me that the drinking experience is worth every cent. It is quality that simply cannot be replicated.

Join us and share a drink?

Christine Marquis ADK Bloody Mary Tonic, Tupper Lake, NY